Author, civic booster, and LA magazine columnist Chris Nichols will lead guests on a special tour of LA’s hidden design gems; historical, current, and obscure.  Don’t miss the first-ever LADF Design Caravan on June 15th from 9am to 1pm.

Known for his regular “Ask Chris” column in Los Angeles magazine, Nichols leads tours throughout Los Angeles for various organizations.  Firmly planted at the intersection of historical preservation and pop culture, Nichols is the absolute perfect guide for this one-of-a-kind design tour.

The intrepid Design Caravan heads north into the Valley, a particular area of Los Angeles whose rich creative history remains largely unknown by most.  Nichols’ behind-the-scenes tour includes stops at a well-known design studio, a peek inside an abandoned Art Deco Glendale airport, a visit with a cooling work of public art, and a stop at an amazing historical prop house.

Structured a bit like a scavenger hunt, guests will pile into pink mustache cars provided by Lyft and get whisked effortlessly around LA. At each stop, Nichols will give guests the backstory and they will be encouraged to Instagram their own point of view, tagging their shots #designcaravan.  Whoever has the most liked photo will receive a special gift.  Winners will be notified on Monday following the tour.  (Other optional instagram tags: #ladesignfest #lyft #lamag)

The design caravan departs the Griffith Park Observatory at 9am and returns at 1pm, in time for a late picnic lunch overlooking our fair city.  Tickets, which cost $20, include a box lunch from Wolfgang Puck’s Cafe at the End of the Universe.  Purchase tickets online here.