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Design Thinking with SapientRazorfish

  • ROW DTLA - The End 777 Alameda Street Los Angeles, CA, 90021 United States (map)

Today's best brands realize that continuing down the same path of one-way messaging without thinking about how they create an emotionally connected experience for customers is, ultimately, a losing proposition. The demands for an increasingly meaningful relationship between brands and customers on their own terms is driving the need to rethink engagement to new heights - and the tools to create those deeper, more emotionally engaging experiences are becoming more widely available.

Central to this topic are some key questions which deserve deeper thought, conversation, and exploration:

  • Why have customers come to expect this new level of engagement from brands?
  • What concepts and tools can we draw inspiration from when rethinking how we engage customers today?
  • Where is all of this leading us as creators of experiences to be savored?

Join SapientRazorfish Group Creative Director, Toby Past, for a panel conversation with:

  • Keri Elmsly - CCO, Second Story
  • Liam Young - Founder, Tomorrows Thoughts Today; Co-ordinator, Fiction + Entertainment at SCI-Arc
  • David Charles - Creative Director and Filmmaker