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Managing and Leading Design from a European Perspective

  • General Assembly 360 E. 2nd Street, #400 Los Angeles, California 90012 United States (map)
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As many of us know, Europe is a world-leader in design, and innovation. According to the 2017 Global Innovation Index, European countries occupy 4 of the 5 top spots in its global survey of 130 economies. So what can you learn from Europe's past and present leading design practices, and how they innovate, manage, and lead design?

In this talk, hosted by Frans Joziasse and Jay Peters of PARK, the international design leadership consultancy who has been working with clients such as Audi, LEGO, Miele, Nestle, Sony, Kimberly-Clark, Novo Nordisk, BASF, Unilever, Glaxo Smith Kline, and many other leading global brands on their design excellence journeys since 1998, we will look at how Europe manages design and leads innovation. With offices in the EU and the US, PARK has a unique perspective into design leadership from a global perspective. In this talk, they will guide you in best practices in the approach, execution, and management of design, and how you can create more efficient and innovative operations of your own. 

Takeaways will include: How to manage creative resources, insights into local and global consumer behavior and trends, design and corporate strategy among some of the biggest organizations in the world, and innovation-lead practices within world leading multinational organizations.

Overview: What we can learn from the design managers of the world's biggest companies? Leading design consultants take you inside the operations of some of Europe's multinational organizations, to see how they lead innovation, design, strategy, and management. 

Why it matters: Europe has long been a pioneer of the design trends of the world. In this talk, we break down how Europe continually leads in innovation and design, how critical it is that we create more efficient and innovative practices of our own, and how your design management team can do so, now.