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Amy Devers
Designer and co-host, CLEVER podcast


Amy Devers is a designer, maker, and Emmy-winning television personality. A book + street smarts double threat; Devers is armed with both formal education and hands-on experience. She’s earned three college degrees including an MFA in Furniture Design from RISD, done a major stint as a chief prototype fabricator, and has spent years as an independent designer/builder of furniture and interiors. She’s also made a name for herself on the small screen, demonstrating her skills and know-how as the host of several television and digital series dealing with topics ranging from food and lifestyle to home-improvement to high-end international design and architecture. Currently she is host and producer Clever, a podcast about the humanity behind design.

Devers is also an educator, lifestyle expert, advice columnist, fine artist, and consultant. Active in the global design community, she travels the world as a speaker, judge of design competitions, and is a regular guest critic and lecturer at universities.

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