Toby Past

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Toby Past
Group Creative Director, SapientRazorfish


I am an award-winning Group Creative Director with over 10 years of experience working with brands like Honda, Acura, ASICS, AT&T, Delta Air Lines, Bridgestone, REI, ING, Embassy Suites, Disney Entertainment and more. I began my career in interactive design and motion graphics and now lead creative direction and strategy for digital experiences at world-class transformation agency SapientRazorfish, after 3 years of building the digital department at renowned creative shop BBDO. I recently relocated to open our latest office in Los Angeles, building a team from the ground up. We've been redesigning Honda and Acura digital properties while growing our LA presence.

When not working you'll likely find me enjoying the natural beauty of California with my family - hiking, climbing, snow and skateboarding and learning to surf. I have a diverse background from studying art, media, psychology and philosophy resulting in a specialized Master’s degree in Psychology and Digital Media. I've been a collegiate athlete on scholarship for track and field, a college professor, an Emergency Room assistant, a restaurant manager, and quite a few other things. I have a well-rounded perspective on life and work, and many stories to share.

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