Sasha Markova

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Sasha Markova
Executive Creative Director, Impossible Foods


Sasha Markova is the Executive Creative Director at Impossible Foods, a planet company with a mission to eliminate animals from the food chain by 2035.

Before Impossible, Sasha was the global creative director of cult creative advertising agency Mother London for over seven years.

In 2015, she relocated to Los Angeles and pioneered Mother’s westward expansion and the creation of Mother LA, winning the business of Headspace and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. After Mother, she went rogue –

founding Gangs Of Kosmos, an agency that only represented animals and nature directly and sometimes employed the use of an animal telepath to gain client approval. Gangs' first client was the wild horses of America. Their second is the moon.

Sasha is also the long-term founder of the cult t-shirt company, I Love Boxie, which turns people’s stories into lines and has been featured in the two seminal books on T-shirt making in the 21st century.

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