Erica Reiner


Erica Reiner
Principal of Eco Method Interiors

Event: AWA+D Design Consultations

Erica Reiner is the owner - principal of Eco Method Interiors, where her company helps families and businesses through a unique eco-friendly approach to interior design. Through her former career in environmental business and environmental education as well as a lifetime of creating and studying interior design, Erica combined her two passions to create this unique business in 2014. Since then, Erica has helped clients with their health and happiness through design that goes deeper than aesthetics, across the residential, commercial and short-term rental market using the “Eco Method” way. Erica loves sharing her knowledge and has been featured in Better homes and Gardens, Forbes, Apartment Therapy, Reader's digest and more. Looking forward, Erica is working towards leading the home decor and design industry into a greener, cleaner place. In her spare time, she's hanging with her husband Reed and Rescue mutt, Hank.

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