Hisako Ichiki


Hisako was born in the ancient city of Kamakura and immigrated to Los Angeles in 1998.  Her experiences growing up in Japan relive in her warm and simple design style, a style that is both unique and surprisingly compatible with Los Angeles' lifestyle and design needs. Whether her design is large, medium, or something so small that it can fit inside the palm of your hand, Hisako is committed to making ideas that are simple, effective and unheard of. 

Hisako graduated in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts in Policy Management from Keio University in Tokyo Japan and in 2001 with Masters of Architecture from SCI-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture). Since giving her thesis “Serendip(city)” at SCI-Arc on public space and art she has been investigating the relationship between creativity and found space.  Her interests in urban research and experiential public art are whimsically portrayed in her book “Extraordinary” published by Rockport. Hisako’s thesis also caught the eye of artist Doug Aitken with whom she has had a long standing professional relationship. For Doug Aitken Workshop  Hisako consults as a project designer/ and manager for selected exhibitions and installations. Museums and galleries include MoMA in New York, INHOTIM in Brazil, and Kunsthaus Bregenz in Zurich. Hisako has taught Architecture Studios at UCLA, SCI-Arc and USC.

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