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INSTALLATION: Dreamland Creative Projects - Spaces for Spontaneous Singing

  • ROW DTLA - Market Row 777 Alameda Street Los Angeles, CA, 90021 United States (map)

‘Spaces for Spontaneous Singing’, an installation by Dreamland Creative Projects for the LA Design Festival’s 2019 theme ‘Design with Purpose’, invokes the ‘Purpose of Joy’. It brings the activity of uninhibited singing from a private spatial experience of one’s shower, to the public street, inviting moments of joyful expression within a new form of dedicated urban mini ‘singing shower park’.   In play and joy, vulnerable boundaries of the private and public dissolve. This installation pushes the boundary of personal norms into public social behavior, using an ‘authorized’ play setting for all ages. By reversing public and private behavioral, stereotypical spatial designations, it seeks to explore ideas about belonging - where we feel comfortable, where we hide, and where we test our private face in public. The hope is that this experiment yields both the stepping over restrictive personal thresholds, in a community of participants, and the temporary reclamation of urban space for alternative public territory.  Designed as an intergenerational experience, waterless showers, small stages, privacy screens and seating can be used alone, or as a social grouping, allowing for a private singing experience or for couples, families and friends to sing or watch together. It asks, what is your song? 


“Space is relational - the feeling of intimacy, an understanding of perspective, an impatience with location, a sense of 'this is home' and how much is enough. Space holds freedom and choice.  Voids are thresholds that we bridge in order to move and change.”

-Nina Freedman, Founder Dreamland Creative Projects

DREAMLAND is a conscious, spatial design practice focused on Care and Wellness, which explores emotional connections and disconnections to space, as tools for empathic repair. Working inside out, we source from the intersection of psychology and design, to promote understanding as the core of pioneering ideas. We serve by giving voice to authentic stories.  These stories are the seed of a dream, and its creative, identifying fingerprint. We investigate penetrating ideas, such as Aesthetic Aging, Transiency and Stasis, Belonging and Connective Boundaries, Longevity and Essential Environments. These explorations catalyze alternative spatial design solutions for dwelling, health care, healing, learning and work.

Nina Freedman, founder of DREAMLAND, is a conceptualist whose work spans architectural design, landscape art, teaching, furniture design, and storytelling.  In addition to co-creating award-winning architecture, Nina teaches at Cornell University, Pratt Institute, and has taught at Stanford University and in China.  A native New Yorker, she received her Diploma of Architecture from the Architectural Association in London, and Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture from the City College of New York. Prior to founding Dreamland, Nina worked with numerous international world-renowned architects, such as Shigeru Ban (as his Director of Projects), Renzo Piano, Richard Meier and Hugh Hardy.  Nina co-founded ArchiteXX, an independent, architectural organization, to bridge the academy and practice, and to provide co-learning workshops and cross-generational, individual and peer mentorship.  

Instagram: @dreamlandcreativeprojects
Facebook: Dreamland Creative Projects