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INSTALLATION: Un/Raw x Alper Nakri

  • ROW DTLA 777 Alameda Street Los Angeles United States (map)

Un/Raw is a series of lighting sculptures by Alper Nakri that harmoniously combine organic and mechanical forms. A nature-made material that dates back to millions of years ago graciously nests precisely crafted man-made forms. The result creates intriguing narratives which illuminate our perception of time.

It was 385 million years ago when Mother Nature gave us the very first tree.
It appeared in a place we now call New York State.

20 million years ago, we were apes living in Africa.
400,000 years ago, we started to control fire and illuminate our surroundings.
250,000 years ago, we evolved to become Homo Sapiens.
100,000 years ago, we started to move outside of Africa.
50,000 years ago, we developed a capacity for language.
9,000 years ago, we started to use copper.
5,000 years ago, we produced first brass-made objects in Babylonia.
141 years ago, we invented the light bulb.
57 years ago, we developed the first LED.

We have came a long, long way…

We got what nature generously gave us,
And we worked so hard to take it to the next level.

To get enlightened,
To create art,
To express ourselves,
And to have the true joy of living.

This is a journey started with the first burl of the first tree,
And a never-ending quest to the future of lighting.

This is UN/RAW.

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