LA's Green New Deal


The City of Los Angeles has its own Green New Deal but what does it all mean?

Last month, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the launch of our city’s own Green New Deal, an initiative that includes a goal to reduce the amount of driving in LA by nearly 50 percent in the next three decades. The mayor’s sustainability plan imagines a city where, by the mid-2030s, 80% of the cars run on electricity or zero-emission fuel, 80% of the electricity comes from renewable sources and Angelenos drive 2,000 fewer miles each year than they do now. It sounds like LA is helping lead the fight against climate change, but what does it really all mean and is it enough?

We were lucky enough to have the City of LA’s Chief Design Officer Christopher Hawthorne lead our keynote conversation last year. This year, Chief Sustainability Officer Lauren Faber O’Connor sits down with KCRW Design and Architecture host Frances Anderton to about the Green New Deal and what it really means for Angelenos.

Haily Zaki