Scents of Place


A creative exploration makes “scents” of place.

Smell is the sense most strongly linked to memory. Scents can transport us through time and space, allowing us to revisit a person, a place, or even a feeling. But smells can do more than connect us to our own past; they can also connect us to history. SALT and the Institute of Art and Olfaction took this both literally and figuratively when the created the Alameda Heart Notes project.

Through a series of workshops with people familiar with the history of ROW DTLA throughout the ages, this team of urban alchemists has developed a series of scents that represent history, time, and place through olfactory means. Each era is evoked through certain scents. These heady memory perfumes will be on “sniff” at the LA Design Festival. Look for these arbiters of the aromatic at the Design Block Party when they will be out in force sharing the scents of place with visitors or stop by the Scent Bar through the weekend to get a whiff of what we mean.

Haily Zaki