Modern Design Solutions with Jim Wong


The Oasys house opens during the LA Design Festival and remains at ROW DTLA through the summer as a resource to homeowners interested in this new urban housing typology.

The size of this 800 sq ft fully-functional modern dwelling belies its potential as a long-term housing solution. MOCA+ sat down with Jim Wong, Sales Director of Amberleaf Cabinetry, to explore how their affordability and customization capabilities has allowed the brand to distinguish itself as a modern design solution.

MOCA+: Amberleaf Cabinetry stands out as a quality brand with a mission to provide affordable solutions for kitchens in many different environments - from multifamily to high end single family homes.  In a crowded market and a young brand (2006) how have you distinguished yourselves as a design solution?

Jim Wong: Amberleaf Cabinetry customizes our cabinets to our customers’ specifications, vs offering typical stock cabinets. We tailor every project to size, with finishes and quality hardware – all manufactured in Chicago.

MOCA+: Amberleaf Cabinetry has joined Oasys Living as the cabinetry solution for this stunning ADU for all of Greater Los Angeles to view and purchase.  Since your founding, you have contributed to initiatives around housing solutions in Chicago and now in Los Angeles. Is this part of your mission going forward?   

Jim Wong: Yes, the goal is to become a national brand, taking our founding principle of connecting with our local communities and expanding that to a wider audience across the country.

MOCA+: The architect and builder of the Oasys Living home was astounded at the craftsmanship coupled with the extraordinary timeline in which you delivered the entire kitchen cabinet solution to the home at the Los Angeles Design Festival. How are you able to achieve these results?

Jim Wong: Amberleaf Cabinetry has 4 manufacturing lines and can cut 700 to 800 cabinets per day.  Also, we purchase most of the raw material in the US, therefore, our lead time is reasonable.

MOCA+: As we all witness the focus on urban growth in the towers being erected in every city across the nation, the opportunity to be a part of those new communities is paramount to any brand providing design solutions. Has Amberleaf tapped into that opportunity and if so in what city or cities?

Jim Wong: Our current focus is on the Midwest and East Coast markets.  Our next stop is the West Coast, where we are currently in the process of negotiating 2 micro-unit projects and one multifamily unit in San Francisco.

MOCA+: The Oasys Living kitchen proudly shows off Amberleaf Cleas and has now included Amberleaf in its total living solution. Are you a part of other design/build companies around the country?  

Jim Wong: We are currently working with multiple developments around the country focusing on high-quality, value-priced solutions, including NEMA SF.

Haily Zaki