The Technologist's Guide

An essential guide for the technologist who wants to experience the LA Design Festival.

There are almost 100 events taking place over the four days of the festival, but if tech is your thing - we’ve got you covered. Don’t miss these specific talks.


Thursday: Design to End Homelessness

Product and Growth Designer Lex Roman talks about how technologists could play a role in addressing pressing social issues like homelessness in cities. Given the dramatic increase in people experiencing homelessness in the last few years, many citizens are asking "what can I do to help?" The answer to that question is both straight forward and complex. In this talk, Lex will unpack what's so hard about solving homelessness and on the hopeful side, what technologists actually can do to help. RSVP here.


Friday: Designing for 1.2 Billion People with Duolingo

As part of their mission to make education free for everyone, Duolingo studied millions of people spanning every country on the planet. They made a shocking research discovery that led to a journey around the world, throughout the Middle East and inside one of the world's largest refugee camps - forever changing the way we think about technology and education. British designer and brand consultant Jack Morgan talks about the experience of making Duolingo’s documentary and what he learned from it. Watch the documentary here first. RSVP here.


Sunday: The Future of Femtech

Join the LA Design Festival and Grid110 for a panel discussion highlighting female professionals in the industry who are creating the future of Women's Health and Wellness solutions. During this panel, we will focus on the opportunities for designing gender-specific health solutions for women where there currently may be gaps in design and delivery and discuss how can we better implement health solutions to improve the wellbeing for all women. RSVP here.

Haily Zaki