design field trip: mexico

April 5-7, 2019
Tijuana & Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico



A three-day design adventure with the LA Design Festival and Tijuana native, cultural curator, entrepreneur and design advocate, Illya Haro. Go behind-the-scenes in Tijuana and Valle de Guadalupe to meet some of the designers, architects, and culinary influencers who are driving the movement.


Stay two nights at Tijuana’s One Bunk, a boutique small-scale hotel.

The creative direction and curation are led by LWP Group. Architecture and furniture design by Gracia Studio with interiors composed by Weekend Project and Seth and Alexis Sullivan.

Accommodations are first-come, first-serve. Double rooms and bunk rooms available. Be prepared to share a room, it’s part of the experience!

April 5, 2019
Inside the Design Scene

12:00-12:15 > MEETING POINT

Our group will be meeting at the El Chaparral port of entry from the U.S. to Mexico.


We’ll make our way to Estación Federal, where Miguel Marshall (CEO) will welcome guests. Estación Federal is an integral space that unites the border communities of Tijuana and San Diego, and offers a mixed use space with housing, commerce and office space. Located in Colonia Federal, Tijuana at the heart of the U.S./Mexico border, it is considered one of the largest artistic communities in the city of Tijuana.

13:30-14:00 > CHECK IN

Accommodations will be provided at One Bunk. Our group will be greeted by Gregory L. Strangman (Owner/Founder/CEO L.W.P. Group, Inc./San Diego), who will welcome and provide an introduction to the boutique hotel.

14:00-15:00 > SNACK & CONVERSATION

Join designer + artist Seth Sullivan for light bites and conversations about One Bunk & the La Justina Restaurant project.

15:30-17:00 > DESIGN STORE

Pick up a design memento (or two)! Meet founder Verónica Hernández and other designers at Object, then head next door to La Contra Baja Wine for a tasting and mingling with local creatives.


Meet Escuela Libre de Arquitectura Founder & Director Jorge Gracia (Gracia Studio). We will also be joined by architects Aaron Gutierrez (Amorphica Studio) and Alfonso Medina (Taller 38)

19:30- 22:00 > DINNER

End the day with a sumptuous meal at Caesar’s. Stick around for a late night fiesta at La Mezcalera with one of the founders and owner Sergio Gónzalez, who will share more on the design and history of the Calle 6ta cultural movement.


April 6, 2019
Inside the Design Scene

8:00-8:45 > COFFEE + BREAKFAST

But first, un café. We’ll start the day with a cup of joe at Cafe Praga.

9:00-11:00 > DRIVE

Our guides will lead us to the Valle de Guadalupe (described by Forbes as the “Napa Valley of Mexico”). Enjoy a scenic drive across this stunning landscape.

11:00-12:00 > SNACK

Get a taste of the local flavor and enjoy lamb tacos as a delicious afternoon treat.

12:00-13:15 > WINERY + CULTURE

Wash down those tacos with a special wine tasting at Casa de Piedra. Wine maker/owner Hugo D’Acosta will share about the architecture and design of the winery, as well as the general culture of Valle de Guadalupe.

13:30-14:00 > LA ESCUELITA

Estación de Oficios, also known as “La Escuelita,” is dedicated to the production and education of wine making, and offers courses on the principles of viticulture, vinification, microbiology and aging. Architect Alejandro D’Acosta worked on this this project and will lead our group on a special tour of this establishment.

14:00-15:00 pm > SNACK

Peninsula en el Valle offers an al fresco experience and an impressive menu of fresh seafood + local ingredients to complement the beauty of the surrounding environment. Help yourself to another glass of wine next door at Wine Factory, and feel free to take a stroll around the site.

15:15-18:00 > LATE LUNCH + SITE VISIT

Bruma is one of the newest destinations in the Valley. Chef David Castro Hussong will greet us at the on-site restaurant Fauna. Tour the property and enjoy a glass of wine in this gorgeous space.

18:15-19:15 pm > SUNSET + COFFEE

End the day with a relaxing sunset view and coffee at Encuentro Guadalupe. Designed by Gracia Studio, the principal premise is to not interfere with the land. Structures are elevated to avoid contact with the soil, and corten steel cladding patinas with time to achieve harmony with the environment. After sundown, our van will deliver us all back to One Bunk in Tijuana.


April 7, 2019
Free Day

Guests have the option to explore Tijuana at their leisure, or head back to the border at 10:00 a.m.