2017 EDGE - Jihan Zencirli

2017 EDGE Winner Jihan Zencirli.jpg

LA Design Festival created the EDGE award to recognize emerging talent. In 2017, we are proud to celebrate three new recipients making a significant contribution to LA's design culture.

Geronimo Balloons' Jihan Zencirli uses balloons to create arguably the most recognizable public art installations in the country. And the origin story of her celebrated balloon art company is short, sweet, and enviable.

“I moved to L.A. in 2011 on a whim and intuition, and within a week of arriving, had hundreds of orders for my designs,” she says.

Her inflatable installations have since graced countless private and public venues, from exclusive celebrity homes to art shows, performances, buildings, and events throughout the country. Her mission as an artist is simple: to delight people.

“My hope is that participants or viewers of my work feel seen and acknowledged in a deep, human way,” she says.

With each creation, she aims to recreate the subtle glow and warmth of golden hour—that fleeting moment of the day when the City of Angels becomes its most beautiful and inspiring self. Like golden hour, her works aren’t permanent, but instead embrace the joy in each moment.

“L.A. has a little pocket for everyone,” she says. “If you’re genuine, people will find, respect, and support you, no matter what it is that you do.”

We're proud to celebrate Jihan's contribution to the local creative community by recognizing her with the 2017 EDGE award. She'll be joining fellow EDGE winners Tuesday Bassen and Lauren Halsey at the LA Design Festival Opening Night Party + Fundraiser on June 8th. 

Christine Joo