2018 EDGE - Sing Sing Studio

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The LA Design Festival created the EDGE Award to recognize recently emerged talent. By “emerged” we mean talented individuals who have received some exposure on the world stage but are still writing their own stories and determining their own paths. They’ve been tested and overcome hurdles. Through those experiences, they’ve found their own voices but they’re still exploring their potential.

EDGE candidates were nominated through a public process and selected by the LA Design Festival Board. By coincidence this year, the 2018 EDGE Awards recipients are all creative groups (couples and collaboratives).

Adi Goodrich and Sean Pecknold met on the set of a commercial project and that was that. Partners in life and work, they run Sing Sing Studio out of an airy loft in Chinatown. Sing Sing is a collaborative animation, photography, and design studio known for using vibrant colors and a hands-on approach to creating unforgettable projects like a animations for Headspace, an optical illusion photo series for Sagmeister & Walsh, a lyric video for Fleet Foxes, and so much more.

Adi is an artist and designer best known for her colorful, iconic images and graphic set designs. Her work encourages the viewer to look further into commercial imagery to see the craftsmanship and historical reference that is prevalent throughout. Having attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and La Sorbonne in Paris, Goodrich’s work is inspired by the history of art, architecture and design.

Sean is a filmmaker from Seattle. He is a dual US / Canadian citizen, and proud of both. He won the 2012 UK Music Video Award for best animated video for “The Shrine / An Argument” for Fleet Foxes. He has directed other music videos for Grizzly Bear, Beach House, and Here We Go Magic, as well as commercial work for Ikea, Sony, BBC Knowledge, Dreamworks & Smartwater.

While they are beyond a doubt part of the digital design movement, they are known for making everything by hand, analog style. With an enviable slate of clients including Adidas, The ACE Hotel, Sony, Fruit of the Loom, and more, this uber-talented pair of ADC Young Guns are raising the bar for creatives

Photo courtesy of Sing Sing Studio

Christine Joo