Public Design Installations


We are taking over Market Row and The Narrows for LA Design Festival 2019 and are looking to feature more installations and experiential designs than ever.


The theme this year is “Design with Purpose.”  Design could be said to be the process of intentionally creating something while simultaneously considering it’s objective, function, economics, sociocultural factors, and aesthetics. Most importantly, design is about improvement, making things better, and solving challenges. This year, the LA Design Festival invites all participants to think about their installation through this lens, and to DESIGN WITH PURPOSE.  We can’t wait to see what purpose means to you.


Market Row installations will be placed in parking spaces, similar to last year. Following is specific information about installations requirements on Market Row.

  • Approximately 20’ x 40’

  • Installations must be level with the ground if people are going to be walking into the installation.

  • Installations, tents, canopies cannot exceed 12’ in height.

  • Installations must not exceed the footprint of the parking spaces and cannot protrude into the fire lane.


The Narrows is a new urban park area designed by Studio-MLA. There is no fire lane and it is entirely pedestrian. Following is specific information about installation requirements in The Narrows.

  • Structures must be placed centrally between the buildings and cannot touch or otherwise damage be connected to the buildings, leaving adequate circulation around the structure.

  • Structures cannot exceed 12’ in height.

  • Installations must be level with the ground if people are going to be walking into the installation.  Modular structures that are on platforms are exempt, but this would need to be evaluated and permitted on a case by case basis.


Installations will be on display for the duration of the LA Design Festival — June 20-23, 2019.


In an ideal world, design installations could be dismantled and materials re-purposed. Alternatively, it is sometimes possible to find new homes or exhibition opportunities for design installations. These design installations could have a life after LA Design Festival. We encourage participants to plan ahead. For example:

  • 2017 Assembledge+ installation [in]tension was exhibited at Dwell on Design 2018 and in a public space in Chinatown for several months

  • MINI LIVING’s 2018 installation was transported to China where it will ultimately become part of their micro-living real estate development.  

  • Alexis Rochas’ 2018 installation was popped up at A+D Museum for the summer to demonstrate the various uses and configuration that the new building system could have.  


Please submit a design brief (approximately 250 words) with a selection of accompanying images (which could include photos, sketches, renderings, etc. that best demonstrate what you are envisioning to create).  Send to: by Friday, March 15 by 5pm. Please title your e-mail submission: Design Installation - [Your Company/Name].