2015 ICON - Mia Lehrer

Ruth E. Carter_Kort Havens.JPG

Landscape architect, urbanist, place-maker, and River Sister Mia Lehrer was awarded the 2015 ICON Award at a sunset ceremony at the Hollyhock House. Taking a look back at the highlights of the 2015 LA Design Festival, it was our pleasure to award this signature award Mia Lehrer. She has made an indelible mark on Los Angeles with “guerrilla planning,” creating long-term plans for public spaces from the harbor to the Valley, from Dodger Stadium out to Hollywood Park. Now with increased national attention (and resources) being paid to redevelopment along the LA River, and massive drought redefining the way cities and citizens think about the use (and re-use) of water, Lehrer is a visionary who is clearly ahead of the game and ready to push the dialogue forward.

In addition to her advocacy on urban issues, Studio-MLA continues to be a proving ground for up and coming urbanists and place-makers, onto whom Lehrer hopes to pass the mantle to keep pushing for healthier urban ecology, restorative urban landscapes, and moving beyond the idea of parks and redefining the notion of urban space.

A huge thank you to (wh)ORE Haus studios for crafting the suitably iconic marble, brass, and wood ICON award this year.

Christine Joo